Walking is a slow and relaxing way for all of the family to explore the gentle rolling hills of the beautiful countryside in Nouvelle Aquitaine. 

Only 1 km from Les Hiboux there is a beautiful marked walking trail that takes you around beautiful turquoise blue lakes. The artificial lakes are filled quarries of white clay, which is what gives the water its turquoise colour. The walking route is 3 km, and has picnic benches along the way, making it perfect for a family walk and picnic. It is possible to see otters in the lakes. From May until August you can see the beautiful bee-eater birds who use the area to nest. The nests of bee-eaters are burrows dug into the ground either in the sides of clay cliffs or directly into level ground, so the old white clay quarries provide the perfect nesting ground.


Discovery Trail Guizengeard (1 km from Les Hiboux)

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bee-eaters nesting site guizengeard poitou charentes france

Bee-eaters - find out more about these beuatiful birds from this wikipedia entry


We have detailed local maps (1:25,000) of the Brossac area and the Charente available for you to use if you would simply like to go walking and explore the area, or there are many marked routes that are primarily for cycling but can be followed by walking. For example this Introduction to Brossac (13km) route is a nice day walking route. The government department of the Charente have also set out many clearly marked cycling routes in the local area that include easy 5km routes that are perfect for short walks. We have details and maps of all the cycling/walking routes. We have spent lots of time walking in the immediate area and can advise you of some simple short walking routes that are ideal for families, and also longer day walking routes if you are interested.

If you would like to walk in one direction and not make a round trip we are happy to pick you up when you are finished walking for the day.

Walking routes further afield in the region can be found on this website for the Charente region - Walking routes Poitou Charentes.

On request we can provide you with a French picnic lunch for your walking trip.